Jackson Zilles

DFF (Design For Fun)

This is a series of designs done for enjoyment, experience, and experiments. Sometimes I take products and try functional changes, aesthetic changes, or just things I find funny. Sometimes I'm just making art or trying a new software. I place down every "dumb" idea I have and, in the end, I usually end up with some interesting designs.

Kinetic Origami

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A shell shaped origami piece, folded with 3 distinct types of lines from a rectangular paper. The design, by being placed diagonally and actuating two opposing corners, is able to “breathe” as the corners are pushed and pulled. Run by a microcontroller, moved by a dual rack and pinion system, parts made from cardboard, paper, laser-cut wood, and 3D printed plastic.
Video: https://youtu.be/2X_GS3rNbkg

Coffee Mug 1/19/23

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This mug was designed to remove the hastle of the handle. Instead, it takes inspiration from the cardboard sleeves of to-go coffee. This allows the mug to be gripped around the center, and the offsetting of the "sleeve" from the mug prevents rapid heat transfer from the beverage inside.

This mug could still be made out of ceramic, in a similar process to current methods. The base cup is formed the same way. Then, spacers are cut out of the clay and places in six locations, one above another at 3 equally spaced locations. The sleeve is rolled out and cut, then wrapped around the spacers. The mug can then be fired.

Lamp (11/23/22)

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This lamp was designed to be key operated. The focus is on the twisting action to turn on the lamp, as well as the ability of the owner to remove the key, giving them exclusive access to the lamp. It has been designed as a rugged item, meant for long term use, but it maintains a beautiful design.

Other than the key slot in the front, the lamp has three centers of rotation. All of the struts are held together by pins, with the power cable able to pass through their centers. The head of the lamp is also able to rotate around the last strut, allowing the lamp to be pointed in any direction.

Hot Glue Gun (11/16/22)

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This hot glue gun was designed to fold for easier storage and transport, as well as for cooling. By folding it in half and resting it on it's bottom side, the tip can cool without worry of it touching the surface it is resting on. It is imagined to be made of a glossy, dark metal, and is designed for looks as well as practicality.

The trigger and on/off switch have been designed to fit into the top half when folded, fitting around the barrel for the glue stick. The trigger also fits into the bottom half when squeezed. At the base, a port has been hollowed out for a power cord.