Jackson Zilles

Product Design - BEAR Adventure Vehicles

This was a project I worked on with a small truck-bed camper startup in Ojai, CA. They needed a CAD design of their base model camper to be able to share with potential customers. This would allow customers to see what they were getting and make modifications before the build process. The project was done in Fusion360 based on measurements taken from 2D sketches on-site.

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BEAR Adventure Vehicles is a custom truck-bed camper startup that designs and builds ultra-light weight camper shell builds for a variety of truck types. The majority of their campers are built to order, and materials and designs are carefully selected for durability and weight reduction. All campers are designed to put up with heavy, active use, including off-roading.


This base camper model is split into the left, right, and front sides. Upon entry, the left side has multiple cabinets intended for food, cleaning, and sanitary supplies. There is an integrated sink and space for water storage. Further along on the left, there is a vertical closet and a built-in fridge. In the front, there is a full queen sized mattress and seating area with storage beneath, including water cans. Behind the seating and under the base of the mattress, there is space for the integrated electronics and camper supplies. Working to the right, the bench seating continues, along with a small angled step. There is more tall storage space, where a portable shower could be installed. Beneath this space, there are more cabinets. The base of all of the cabinets are inset to allow feet to fit underneath while standing against the sides of the camper.


Upon completion of this project, it was sent out to customers to show them what their camper would look like. I was able to export the designs as a .usdz file, which can be opened on an iPhone to display the design, at real size, in augmented reality. This was a very unique feature that allowed customers to be able to walk through their future camper before it had ever been built.